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Doctor prescribed hair thinning treatment
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What is AGA
AGA (Androgenetic hair loss) is known as male pattern baldness. AGA is different from alopecia, and is mostly characterized by the progression of a receding hairline and/or hair loss on the top of the head with onset starting after puberty. The hair gets thinner and shorter. Basic genetic mechanisms such as DHT are major two factors that are involved in AGA.

Causes of AGA
AGA is mainly caused by basic genetic mechanisms DHT (Dihydroteststerone) One of the major factors is that men who suffer from male pattern hair loss (related to male hormone) have increased levels of DHT.

DHT is produced when an enzyme called E-Alpha-reductase converts the hormone testosterone into DHT which has a devastating effect on the hair follicle so it begins to shrink, weaken and the hair eventually falls out.

Early treatment is key
Nowadays, it is easy to start finding ways to try and prevent hair loss. With the help of the internet and the increased availability of hair growth products, scalp shampoos, and massages, it is possible to to start making a difference to your hair. However, even if these solutions can help slow down the progression of the hair loss, they will not be effective if the cells in the hair follicles are dead. This is why it is important to have a good hair growth regimen.
Doctor prescribed hair thinning treatment
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The doctor prescribes the medication based on the information provided in the medical questionnaire in advance. This allows for a quick and speedy medical consultation.
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Privacy is strongly taken into account during our medical consultation. There is no need to present your insurance card, and your personal information is strictly protected with high security and encryption.
Same day delivery
As a general rule, we will ship your prescription medication on the same day if the medical examination is completed by 5:00 pm. We ship nationwide in Japan. However, please note that the arrival of your order may be delayed if you live in Hokkaido, Aomori, Akita, Okinawa, or the remote islands due to Yamato Transport's delivery availability.

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Fill out our medical questionnaire and make an appointment. Accessible from your smartphone and computer.
Online video consultation with our doctors. Creation of your AGA plan.
The medicine is quickly delivered to you. Once your medication arrives, you can begin your hair loss treatment! Please note that you should start taking the medication as directed by your doctor.
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Doctor prescribed hair thinning treatment
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