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Medical Diet


These are for the GLP-1 medical diet pills in tablet form. Take one tablet per day upon waking on an empty stomach.
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※Increased dosage plans are also available for those who have experience with GLP-1 based diets.
※A blood test may be required if ordered by a physician.
※Clinical trial results showed that the GLP-1 diet is more likely to produce greater results with continued use.
Why does the GLP-1 diet help you lose weight?
The medical diet has the effect of naturally suppressing appetite and preventing a rapid rise in blood glucose level. This can help you ease your way into dieting. The GLP-1 diet also breaks down fat and prevents fatty liver, so this diet is recommended for those who want to lose fat with pinpoint accuracy while maintaining muscle mass.

What is GLP-1, the hormone that helps with weight loss? Is it safe?
GLP-1 is a hormone that works on the nerves in the brain to control and suppress appetite. It is medically approved as a treatment for not only diabetes in Japan, but also as an anti-obesity drug in the United States. The medication for the GLP-1 hormone can be used and supplemented through two types: via tablet or injection. Both types are able to suppress appetite and reduces calorie intake in a healthy way. Therefore, you can expect to see result in weight loss.

Is there any chance of regaining weight after weight loss?
This is a stress-free dieting method because it does not involve any unreasonable dietary restrictions or hard exercise. Also, since the medication will induce you to eating less, you will not have to worry about eat more than usual after the diet. After your body becomes accustomed to eating less, it makes it much easier to maintain your weight while taking the medication. However, if you stop the GLP-1 diet, your hormones will return to their original state. For this reason, eLife offers this diet at an affordable price to make it easy for continued usage.
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