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What is a weight loss medicine?
GLP-1 weight loss medicine work by reducing a person's appetite with the help of the GLP-1 hormone. The medicine induces the sense of feeling full from food and delays gastric emptying, creating a sense of satiety and decreasing food intake. Because your appetite is being suppressed, you can lose weight naturally, without dieting or changing your lifestyle.

What is GLP-1 pill?
GLP-1 pill is an oral GLP-1 medicine developed by Novo Nordisk, a company based in Denmark, for effective weight loss treatment. The medicine utilizes the GLP-1 hormone to induce fullness from food intake and delay the gastric emptying, resulting in a suppression of appetite.

How to lose weight
The GLP-1 medicine is recommended for people who have difficulty controlling their weight with diet or exercise. GLP-1 pill is the first oral GLP-1 drug that is effective for weight loss by suppressing appetite and reducing caloric intake. It is approved by the regulatory authorities in the United States and Japan.
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How much?


GLP-1 pill 3mg 1 Month
1 month
30 pills
We also offer 7mg and 14mg too.
Optional blood testing for JP 5,200, if required by doctor

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