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About eLife

What is eLife?
What time is the eLife service available?

About eLife offered medication

Who prescribes medicine?
Can I use my medical insurance?
About medicine

About account

I haven't received emails from eLife
Setting up domains
How to leave my account
I want to change my registered information

Usage fee / payment

Is registration free?
How much does it cost to get a prescription?
About payment method
I want to check if the payment has been completed

Regarding delivery

Please tell me about the shipping method.
When will it arrive?
I want to know the delivery status
About packing
Is it possible to pick up the medicine?
Can I set the time to receive the package?
It says it’s delivered but I did not receive any.

About the order

I want to cancel my order

About regular shipping

What is regular shipping?
When will I get my first medicine?
When will I get my second subscribed medication?
When regular shipping is canceled automatically
I chose regular shipping for my medicine, but I’m experiencing unusual symptoms. I want to change my medications.
I want to cancel my regular shipping

Contact us

Please do not hesitate to contact us If you have any concerns or questions regarding eLife services via email (info@elife.clinic).

For commonly asked questions, please visit our frequently asked questions page.