Viagra OD (Oral Dispersible) Film

The Viagra OD Film is a fast, convenient and fashionable way to take Viagra for the discerning man.

Important Features


Viagra OD Film is an oral dispersible Viagra film launched by Pfizer in 2016. It has many advantages over traditional Viagra tablets.


The film type is more portable and easier to carry than the tablets. And it looks cooler, sexier and more sophisticated.

【No need for water】

It dissolves easily on your tongue, without the need for water or other liquid.

【Quick Acting】

The medicine can be delivered more quickly to your system as a film than in a tablet form. You can be at your best faster.

eLife pricing

【Viagra OD Film 50mg】

Price (tax included)]

-Set of 3 films (Regular shipping)... 2,980 yen (for set of 3), plus tax and shipping cost

Currently, eLife only offers the film-type Viagra. We will be adding other choices such as generic soon. Stay tuned!